Test and Win a Peter Lynn

Nothing is more important than testing a kite before you will make a choice which will be your kite of choice to conquer the elements with. Peter Lynn offers you a chance to win the kite you have been testing.

This season Peter Lynn organises a sweet Test & WIN contest for everybody testing a Peter Lynn Escape. During the events listed below you will have the perfect opportunity to win an Escape. Check for more information www.peterlynn.com or www.facebook.com/peterlynncom. If you are not able to visit us during one of these events ask your local dealer for a test kite. Don’t forget to upload your photo on Facebook! We kept the contest fun and simple.


What you have to do is visit one of the events below:

  • Kitetour Europe, Sylt (DE) – July
  • PKRA, St. Peter Ording (DE) – July
  • Kitetour Europe, Brouwersdam (NL)- September
  • Kitehigh 10 years (NL) – tbd
  • Spontanious Test Events (NL), check Facebook – tbd
  • No Barriers (UK) – May

More events will be added later.

Rules of the game

There are only 3 simple rules to join this contest and have a chance to win a Peter Lynn Escape.

  • Fill in a test form during one of the event
  • Get a picture of yourself with the Peter Lynn Escape in the sky (ask one of the Peter Lynn staff members)
  • Tag your photo on Peter Lynn Facebook page after the event


If you are not able to visit one of the events ask your local dealer to test a Peter Lynn Escape. Make sure you upload your photo on Facebook and tag Peter Lynn kitesports !

How will the prizes be raffled

  • After each event we will raffle an Impulse TR 2.0 among all testers, prize winner will be announced on Facebook and www.peterlynn.com
  • After the last event, on September 30th, we will raffle an Escape 9 meter complete among all testers of all the events combined
  • Testing at multiple events does not increase your chances to win.


That’s it! See you on the beach!


Test and Win

2 Responses to “Test and Win a Peter Lynn”

  1. Dear Peter Lynn,
    I am working on a tiny rock in the Bahamas. Having enjoyed my new fury 13m for less than a month, I sliced it open on some coral. Desperately need a new leading edge bladder please can you help?

    Many thanks,

    Ps I can’t make it to any test days but if ud like to send me one ill gladly review it for you ;)

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