High Flying speed

The light wind performance of the larger sizes is truly outstanding and the manoeuvrability of these bigger kites will be a welcome surprise. At the other end the smaller kites are blisteringly fast but never too much for the experienced rider to handle. The Vapor will give you the ride of your life.

Fast and direct steering

You will be amazed by the fast and direct handling of this race kite.

When riding with a Vapor, you will have the ability to place the kite exactly where you want it. This enables you to accelerate faster and make turns quicker with full confidence.

Smooth but fast power build up

The power delivery of the Vapor is smooth and fast. You won’t need to throw your kite around the window to get it to top speed! Vapors are quite powerful kites for their size, so you don’t always need the biggest kite to win. The Vapor has quite a big wind range.

Low lift

The Vapor has been designed with minimum lift characteristics, so you can make faster turns without being pulled out of your buggy.

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The Vapor is available in these sizes:
2.3m2, 2.7m2, 3.2m2, 3.8m2, 4.5m2, 5.4m2, 6.5m2, 7.8m2, 9.4m2, 11.2m2, 13.4m2 & 16.1m2


The Vapor is available in three color combinations




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