Impulse TR

This is your chance to develop your skills! The Impulse TR is the perfect 3-line trainer kite for anyone who wants to improve their flying skills before getting into any of the more extreme kite powered board sports. The Impulse TR is the perfect tool to introduce your kids, spouse, friends or family into the exciting world of traction kiting.

The design of the new Impulse TR has been further refined to improve handling, stability and overall flight characteristics. Furthermore we have added an extra size to accommodate the youngest flyers.

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You don’t need to have any kiting experience to fly the Peter Lynn Impulse TR. It is very stable and flies easily in light winds, allowing any kite flier at any level or age to have fun with it and feel confident flying it. Discover the kite talent inside you!


  • Ideal tool for schools and serious beginners
  • For an exciting day at the beach or in the park
  • For all ages and no experience needed
  • Superb control and good flying speed
  • Easy set-up with pre-attached lines
  • Easy handling, good power and stability
  • Effortless re-launch with 3rd line
  • Bomb-proof contruction for extra durability



  • Pre-stretched, stitched Dyneema® bridle
  • Webbing reinforced air-intakes
  • Double stitched bridle points
  • Innovative cross-vents
  • Dirt channel & velcro dirt-outs
  • Extremely durable, high quality 40D Mirai ripstop nylon top & bottom skin and 70D Mirai ripstop nylon profiles

16 Responses to “Impulse TR”

  1. Hi,

    I am starting at power kitting and was wondering if I can use a harness (trapeze) with the impulse 3 liner. Or should I go for a twister then.

    I want to use the kite with my girlfriend and she is not that strong in her arms and a trapeze would make it a bit easier I believe

    Hope to here your response.

    • Hi Johan, thank you for posting.
      You could use a harness with the Impulse, however you would need to attach a harness loop to the bar to be able to connect it.
      The same goes for the Twister, as standard it is not delivered with a harness loop as we believe that hooking in while still learning could be dangerous.
      To connect your Twister to a harness you would either need a harness loop if you fly it on a bar or a stropline if you fly on handles.
      With either kite it is recommended to start out in lower winds to get a feel for it, in low winds the power is manageable.

  2. Marijn,

    I am searching for a kite to be used at high windlevels.
    I already own an elliot sigma race2.0 and a peter lynn twister II 4.1
    The sigma pulls me out of my shoes when the wind reaches about 5-6bft. The twister i use at winds up to 3-4bft.
    So now i need a kite for winds up to 7/8bft.
    My weight:94kg length: 1,96m i think a vibe is to basic and easy flying.
    Would the impulse be a good option? And which model….I am afraid a 2.0 will generate almost the same power as my sigma 2.0 does.
    Please advise.

    Kind regards,

    Martijn Bosveld

    • Hi Martijn, thanks for posting.
      7 to 8 Bft are some serious winds, in which even the smallest powerkites will pull you out of your shoes.
      4-line powerkites generally don’t come smaller than 2m (we did a 1.5m Hornet a few years back) reason for this is that these small kites are very difficult to make stable, and in winds like that you want stability.
      For those kind of windspeeds I’d have to recommend to go depower, small Twinskins are very good for high winds, and the 5m Lynx would be doable as well, just make use you get used to the kites first.
      7 to 8Bft is galeforce, even the most veteran flyers can quickly get in trouble in this, stay safe!

      • Marijn,

        I want to buy an impulse tr 1.5. The shop I want to buy it has placed an order at PL as they do not have this model in stock at the moment. They can not give me a date of arrival. Is it possible for you to find out how much time it is going to take before the shipment is delivered?
        Shopname: vliegerbedrijf de paddenstoel in vlaardingen. I am also wondering where the big difference in price comes from. Some shops sell the 1.5 foe €119,- other shops €159,- Is this just a bigger profit shops get or is there also a difference in quality?

        Kind regards,

        Martijn Bosveld

        • Hi Martijn, thanks for posting.
          The Impulse TR 1.5 should become available again this week or the next, de Paddestoel should have them again quickly.

          As for the price difference, could it be that some shops offer previous years model at a discount?
          There is no difference in quality whatsoever.

  3. Hi.
    Is it possible to send me the manual of the impulse TR 3.0 in PDF?
    Think I missed placed mine somewhere.

    Kind regards.


    • Hi Thomas, 5thanks for posting.
      The requested manual will be sent to your email.

    • Hi, could you also send it to me? Just bought the 2.0 but there is no manual inside the bag.


      • Hi Manu, thanks for your post.
        No manual in the bag? Strange..
        I’ve sent a digital copy to your emailaddress

  4. hi im 12 years old and i want the impulse because i have it by my local kite shop im 40kg and im not shore what size to get.

    thanks hope u respond

    • Hi Aaron, thank you for posting.l
      I reckon the 2m would be a great fit for you.
      Make sure you learn how to fly it in low winds first!
      Fly safe.

  5. Hi,I’d like to introduce me to the practice of mountainboard. I am interested to start with Peter Lynn Impulse TR2.0. That you advise me knowing that my weight varies between 84kg and 88kg?

    Thank you for your attention.

    • Hi Ben, thank you for posting.
      Even though the Impulse TR is the perfect kite to learn the basics, the 2m is likely to be not big enough to get you going on a landboard.
      I would advise on at the very least a 3m Impulse TR but even better would be the XPlore.
      The Xplore is similar to the Impulse but with its 4m canopy much more capable of powering you along on wheels.

  6. Hi

    I’ve just bought a Vibe 1.3 – which both I, my wife and lur 7-year old daughter find great… so much that our daughter has become the primary user :-)

    I’m therefore very temptet to buy one more kite – but with a bit more power and challenge for us adults. Based on advice elsewhere I’m considering an Impulse TR 3 meter.

    I’ve tried a Flexifoil Rage 2.5 which I found quite powerful. My question is this: How does a 3m Impulse compare to the Rage 2.5?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Jakob, thank you for posting.
      Good to hear you and your family are enjoying the Vibe!
      The ImpulseTR 2 or 3m would indeed be a great step up from the Vibe, it has a bit better overall performance than the Vibe due to the difference in shape.
      The Rage you flew is a 4-line kite and 4-line power kites generally deliver more power than 2 or 3-line kites, that is why it is hard to compare the two.
      How much power any kite produces is of course dependant on the winds you are flying in, the standard advice for any powerkite is to start flying it in its lower windrange to get comfortable with the controls.
      Hope this helps!
      Good winds.

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