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Escape your limitations

It is time for the next generation! The Peter Lynn development team further fine-tuned the performance of the highly praised Escape. The next generation Escape is redesigned to provide you with awesome sessions and give you the confidence to take your kiteboarding to the next level.

We have had valuable feedback from schools, beginners and pros which has resulted in this new and improved iteration of the Escape.  Like the original, the Escape is a 4-strut SLE (Supported Leading Edge) all-rounder with a medium aspect ratio. It has been improved on some critical points, making it even more user-friendly and durable.

Tested in the rough elements of the North Sea, the Escape performs in whatever conditions mother nature throws at you. From the most washed up, choppy, gusty and challenging conditions to the most ideal tropical island breezes.

Comfort and progression

The Escape is hands down one of the most comfortable and easy to use kites out there for beginners and intermediate riders. Next to that, its exceptionally good performance will also let expert riders get more out of their sessions and progress faster, the Escape is that versatile!

A balanced mix of light weight and stronger materials has resulted in a lower kite weight and adds to responsiveness and overall control.

With over 40 years of kite building experience at Peter Lynn, we know kites. You can count on the Peter Lynn Escape to put a smile on your face, regardless of your level or style. Don’t take our word for it, check it out yourself!


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  • Smooth predictable handling and kite feedback
  • Great performance, wide windrange
  • Superb depower range
  • Quick and direct turning
  • Controllable lift & boost
  • Easy relaunch
  • Various setup possibilities



  • Medium Aspect Ratio, 4 strut SLE all-rounder
  • One pump system for easy setup
  • Multiple trimming options for customized handling & bar pressure
  • Crash proof valves
  • Efficient & durable lightweight wingtips
  • Reinforced leading edge
  • Direct connection struts
  • Trailing edge reinforcements
  • Extremely durable canopy
  • Kook-proof line connections

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The Escape is available in these sizes:
5m2, 7m2, 9m2, 11m2 & 13m2





The Escape is available in these three color combinations:







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