The new Charger has proven to be more stable, durable, adaptable and more capable of serving you excellent kiting performance. For this new iteration of the ultimate ‘do it all’ kite we have taken all the best aspects of the original and combined it with the valuable user feedback we received since the original Charger’s release, resulting in a kite which has the performance we intended but with the user-friendly aspects today’s market demands.

Improved performance, developed in the most demanding conditions.
The team has put many new technologies into the kite to have you flying a top class product. The kite has been developed and improved for all conditions encountered. Whether your are in the most absurd, washed-up, choppy, gusty and challenging conditions or the most ideal, stable and constant tropical breeze, the Charger will surprise you with its outstanding stability, improved and relaxing auto-zenith and its smooth but direct steering. The Charger is hardened by the rough elements of the North Sea and ready for whatever you or mother nature throws at it.

To go everywhere
Whether you go out for a blazing freestyle session on land, a wave ripping session on the water or a frosty ride in winter wonderland, the new Charger is the ultimate all discipline, all round and all conditions weapon of choice for riders that refuse to limit their kiting experience to just one discipline.

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  • Unbeatable stabilityb & Auto zenith
  • Clean airflow
  • Smooth flying & fast turning
  • Easy water relaunch
  • Highly adaptable



  • Ultra light 30D Chikara fabric
  • Variable medium aspect ratio
  • Single pulley VPC system
  • Dual water resistant inflation zippers
  • Triple layer technology
  • Patented concave leading edge
  • Kevlar reinforced spar pockets
  • Easton® Compact sticks

45 Responses to “Charger”

  1. Hi,

    I am looking to buy a PL Charger, but I am not sure what size? I mainly fly inland with a board and I weigh 95kg and normal (average) wind consitions are between 10 – 20mph.
    I currently use a PL twister2 5.6 but would like to upgrade to a full depower kite, what size Charger should I be considering for my weight?


    • Hi Andy, thanks for posting.
      Good to hear you’re planning an upgrade :-) .
      Off the bat I’d say go for a 15m, quick enough on the turns so even in the lighter stuff you can get power out of it by flying it hard and more than enough upper windrange when it does get windy.
      If you get the chance though, you might want to test both the 15m and the 19m and see which fits you better, body weight and windrange considered.

      Good winds!

      • Thanks Marijn,

        Looks like it will be the 15m, what is the upper wind range for someone of my size (95kg) using a board on land?

        Thanks for your help,


        • Hey Andy,
          Upper windrange would be depending on skills but the windrange table on the Charger specs page is a bit on the low (safe) side.
          For someone your weight it would be around 20 knots, and higher when you have the skills to match, or on the water.
          But the standard advise is to start out between 12 and 15 knots and build up confidence.
          Good winds.

  2. When will this be available?

  3. Hi Marijn,

    I currently sail on an inflatable kite of 13sqm here in Fiji, but when I’ll be back to Belgium later in 2013 I’d like to buy the Charger 8 for the day of high winds in the Northen sea.
    My weight is around 63kg and I’m 1.73m tall.
    Would be that a good choice?
    Thank you,

    • Hello Guido, thank you for posting.
      Kiteboarding in Fiji? a bit jealous here!
      A Charger 8 for those high wind days sounds about right for your weight.
      But since the windrange on these is huge it might be worth it to test the 10m as well, considering the North sea winds I reckon you would get more use/sessions out of the 10m.

      Enjoy Fiji!

  4. Hi, I’m thinking of buying another kite – I have an old Venom 16 V1, but it is too big for most of time for the wind here. I find it difficult to control and slow to turn, and have been lofted a few times by gust when close to shore, enough to make me give up for a few years after a few injuries. A case of not experienced enough to not hurt myself I think.

    I’m looking at getting back into kite surfing, spent the day sliding up and down the beach on my old ARC 63. I would like a new kite – a Charger, what would be the right size – I have a large 1.4m board, and weight 80kg.

    • Hi Lain, thank you for posting.
      2 classic Arc’s you have there, good stuff!

      The right size Charger for you would depend on the winds you would generally fly in.
      As you ride a bigger board you will have bit more low end than most of those small’ish twintips out there.
      You mention your 16 Venom being too big, so considering the improved performance and low end in current Arc’s, a 12m would suit.
      But I always say, see if you can demo one first since Arc’s have changed quite a bit since your Venom. (no more slow turning for one)
      Hope this helps,

  5. Hi,

    I am looking for a kite to go flyboard. I am 55kg and i am 16 years old. Now i have a hornet 3m.


    • Hi Lia, thank you for your post.
      Your Hornet can easily get you rolling and is a good tool to learn the basics with.
      The next step up is often a depower kite, I’d say try to test some different models to get a good idea on what you prefer, ie; an open cell depower, an LEI or maybe even a Twinskin.

      Good luck!

  6. What sizes would i need on the PL Charger 2013 as a 70kg rider with a surfboard for the light wind and a 132 TT for high winds.

    Like to get going in 8-9knts and be ok up to 30knts. Was trying to get away with just 2 kites 15m and 10m. I dont like slow kites but i see the 15m kite still turns quick an so can use in the Waves.

    • Hi Simon, thanks for posting.
      You can get moving with a 15m Charger from about 10kn, 8 or 9 is doable with a big board and if you work the kite.
      A 10m will easily go up to 30 knots, and beyond.
      I’d say look at a 12m and 19m to cover you range better, Twinskins are high wind kites more than anything.

  7. Hi
    I’m interesting in buying Charger 2 15 m2. I need it for light wind kitesurfing. I have 77 kg and free race board Airush Sector 60. What is the minimum wind speed for that kite with my board?

    • Hi Sinisa, thanks for your post.
      Realistically you would need about 10 knots to get going with a 15m Charger on water if you can work the kite, but since you ride a board with quite a lot of float compared to twintips you can deduct a knot or 2 from that.
      So with practice you can get going in 8 maybe even 7 knots, the 19m Charger would actually be a better option as it has more low end grunt.
      However the tricky bit with Twiskins in these low winds is filling them up, ( we hear leafblowers work brilliantly ;-) ) but once up in the air they’ll get you going no problem.

  8. Looking to get learn to kiteboard have been thinking of purchasing a
    Charger 10 meter. I weigh 175 lbs. do you think that would be a good

    • Hi Dan, cheers for posting.
      The size of kite depend heavily on the windspeed you will be riding in.
      That said, the Charger 10m is quite fast (aggressive), to learn to ride on land I would sooner recommend a 15m Charger.
      Ofcourse this sounds big, but the 15m really is the sweet one for landboarding, the useable windrange is huge and it doesn’t kick your b#tt when you make a mistake.
      Ride safe!

  9. Hi,

    I’m looking for a new kite and i would go for Charger 2 but not sure about the size.

    I’m 78kgs, mainly riding on water with a twin tip and a surfboard (50/50).

    I wanna cover 12/25 knots wind range.

    What size do you think will suit me?


    • Hi Marc,
      The 12m Charger would be the size to go for when going out in 15kn upto 25/30kn, for the lower 10 to 15kn the 15m would suit better. (You can ride the 15m upto 25kn as well)

  10. Hi,
    I’m a entusiast Charger “1″ rider, now I plan to renew the most used Chargers with den 2013 Version. (12 m², 19 m²)
    I miss on my range a kite for the really lightwinds days (6-10 kn).
    Which is the windrange of the 22,5 m² model?
    It’s maybe a alternative to the FS Speed3 with 21 m²


    • Hi Gianpietro, thanks for posting.
      Wind range on the Charger 22,5, low end is maybe 2 knots lower than the 19m but the big one is built more for the heavier riders than super light wind days.
      To say it is an alternative to that other brand.. Not really to be honest, they specialize in low wind performance and Peter Lynn specializes more in high wind performance, stability and reliability.

      Good winds,

      • Hi Marijn,

        thankyou very mucht for the answer!
        “….and Peter Lynn specializes more in high wind performance, stability and reliability….” for this reasons i love my (your) Chargers :-) .

  11. Hi,

    I kitesurf in the waves with a surfboard in a wind range from 15kn-45kn.

    Currently I use Slingshot RPM’s as follows (4 kites):
    15-20kn – 12m
    20-25kn – 9m
    25-30kn – 6m
    30kn+ – 4.5m

    If the weather is cold (air more dense) then the ranges stay the same, but the units should be mph instead of knots (mph slightly slower than knots). Knots as used in the above wind ranges is for warmish conditions.

    Which Chargers would I need to cover this wind range, bearing in mind that when surfing waves one does not want to be overpowered as this pulls one off the wave?

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Peter, thanks for posting.
      First off, Charger is quite a different animal than your current kites so it might take you a few sessions to really get a feel for the Charger, once you have ‘the feel’ though they’ll happily perform as good as any other kite, just a bit different on the powerstroke and timing.
      With your weight and desired wind range I’d say 6.5m for the really high wind days, 15m for those lower days and a 10m Charger for everything in between.
      You might even get away with a 8m and 12m Charger combo, allthough you’ll miss the low end the 15m can do.
      Twinskin do have quite a broad windrange (high end), on the low end (anything under 10kn) Twinskins are not really the best option as they’re not designed for low wind performance.

      Good winds

  12. What size navigator bar do you need for the 15m charger 2?

  13. Hi Marijn,
    Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy using my 22.5m Charger..

    And finally I’ve uploaded a vid on youtube of it in action… Go for the HD version, is much better.


  14. Hi Marljn,
    I am 80 kg and I ride with a 1,39m x 0,39m twintype.
    For light wind (9 to 15 nots), would you advise me to chose the charger 15 m or 18m ?
    I actually have a venom 8 and a venom 13.
    Thanks in advance for your answer :-)

    • Hi Eric, thanks for posting your question.
      With your weight I’d say give the 15m a try.
      Even though the 19m offers a bit more low end, the 15 moves quicker making it easier to get going.
      The sweet spot in windspeed for the 15m is closer to 15kn than 9kn though so for the really low winds a bigger board would also be something to consider.
      I would recommend asking your local kiteshop if they can arrange a demo for you to have a go on.

  15. Hi,

    started trying landkiting with a 4m Beamer. Looking to progress with a depower kite now on land and snow but would like to progress moderately. Stable, smooth power, good in gusty conditions. Would the Charger (or the PL twinskins in general) be the right choice?

    Which size? Earlier on you recommended as much as 15m to avoid the hard learning curve. When trying tube kites on the water even smaller sizes had such a huge power that I don’t like the thought of taming such a beast on land at all.

    Wouldn’t it be better to try 6m or 8m kites in underpowered conditions to progress moderately in sizes?

    • Hi Lug, thank you for posting here.
      For riding land and snow and the wishes you have (stable, smooth power and good gust handling) the Twinskins would fit the bill perfectly, plus you can get out on the water too.

      In general, the smaller the kite the more nervous it moves/flies and the more wind it requires to function properly.
      The perfect choice in which size to start with depends on the winds you generally have in the area you fly in.

      A 6 or 8m may seem like the safe choice, but both these small sizes are built for high winds, and like I said earlier, they move fast.
      An 8m requires about 17 knots at least to perform properly and a 6.5m a minimum of 20kn so unless you live in an area where it’s constantly blowing 20 kn and more these sizes are not the best way to go.
      All in all a 12m or a 15m provide you with a lot more kite time, they work better in low winds (when underpowered) than their smaller siblings so you can get used to them in a relaxed way.
      Both will fly from about 10kn, in which the 12m is underpowered and the 15 just starts to pull if you fly it actively.
      Either the 12 or the 15m won’t really perform to their ability in low winds when flown static, they’ll start to shine when you get moving on your board, then they’ll build up apparent wind and start doing their magic.

      So yes, 12 or 15m sounds daunting when coming from a 4m fixed bridle foil, but in the bottom of their respective windranges they really are gentle giants unless you start to really push them.
      Next to that, they have a good depower range, a big windrange and they get more stable in higher winds.

      If you don’t plan to go on water at all the Peter Lynn Lynx might be worth checking out as well, this is an open cell depower foil and comes in smaller sizes as open cells require less wind.

      Hope this helps!

  16. Hi, I live in the Houston, TX area is there a store around here that I could go to to Demo the Charger2??? I am still learning to land-board but I am looking to do both Land-board and water (Maybe snow if I go up north). I land-board at a Park by my house using both my HQ 250 trainer and I just purchased about a year ago a Apex3 5m. I have always Liked the Charger ever since I changed from Stunt kites to Power kite but every one here in my area say inflatables for water but I want to do both.

    • Hi John, thank you for posting.
      We have one dealer in TX, Bigmikeskites he’s in the Dallas area but I’m not sure if he has Demo’s available.
      You could check powerkiteforum There might be a rider in your area who’d let you try his, friendly folks on PKF :-)
      Good luck

  17. Hi,

    I want to use the kite both at the sea and on the snow. At the seaside the average wind is 8,5 knots: so I need something to surf around that wind… My weight is 95 kg. I’m a beginner. Could the charger be the right choice for me? And what size?

    • Hi Guido, thank you for posting.
      8,5 knots is the bottom end windrange for the Charger so you will need either the 18m or the custom 22,5m Charger.
      Windranges on the specs page a based upon a 80Kg rider.

      Usable wind also depends heavily on what type of board you use on the water, with a Twintip you’ll need more wind to get going at first whrereas it will be easier with a surfstyle board that has more volume/float.
      In these light winds flying skill also comes into play as you will need to work the kite to maximize power.

      Snow is easier as there’s a lot less ‘rolling’ resistance.

      Hope this helps, Good winds.

  18. so im about to bought a charger and im interested which size to buy i need something from 10-18 knots ( i have 100kg) board size 145×45 ( on water).
    and what is the quality of zippers ( and around zippers) it gets damaged that part alot ?.. and how its with up wind because i had heard comment that charger haves bad upwind ( dont know if true) … and what windrange will i have on snow with recomanded size of kite… thank you :)

    • Hi Andrej, thank you for posting.
      For your weight and boardsize I would recommend the Charger 18 for the winds you want to fly in.
      The Charger 18 will have a windrange of about 5kn up to 15 on snow, depending on your skill the windrange can be a lot higher.
      The zippers (all three) are special taped zippers of good quality, should they wear out, they are easy to replace.
      Up wind performance on Chargers (or any Twinskin) is actually better than most other kites out there, simply due to their shape.

      Twinskins can last you a very long time if you take care of your gear, 6 years of intensive use is no exception, lots of Venoms still out there :-) .

      If you can, try to get your local kiteshop to arrange a demo for you.

      Good winds,

  19. Hi, I’m interested in replacing my current kites with Chargers. I’m about 73Kg and have been kitesurfing for a few years and I’m about to start snowkiting. Which sizes would you recommend to give me a wind range around 12-30 knots?

    • Hi Joe, thanks for posting.
      Good to hear you’re looking into Chargers!
      All our windranges are based on 75Kg riders so all windranges on the site are pretty accurate for you.
      So you could almost get away with a one kite quiver with a 12m Charger, but a 12m in 30Kn is a tad on the extreme side.
      So a 10m and a 15m would be the combo to go for, with these 2 you’ll ride from 10kn (on land) up to 30+ on water.
      (Twinskins have a huge high end when you’re used to them)

      Good winds.

  20. Hi Marijn,

    what size of the Charger would you suggest for me:
    Weight: ~100kg
    Boardsize: 142×42
    Windrange: 13kn ++
    exspected maximum Windspeed for your suggested Kitesize and intermediate skills?

    Thanks for your answer!

    • Hi Andreas, thanks for posting.
      Considering your winds, board size and weight I’d say 18m Charger.
      The 18m Charger has a top end of around 20kn with practice, on water you can hold it even longer.

      Good winds.

  21. Hi,

    I am looking to buy a ChargerII but very doubtful about the size.
    I weigh 72kg and want to use the kite for both land and water (Twintip and surfboard).

    Wind here (SA) is average 10-25Kts. I am doubting between a 10m or a 12m.
    I have flown a VenomII 13m but seems a bit to heavy for me when the wind really picks up.

    Appreciate the advice.


    • Hi Beert, thanks for posting.
      When you want to use the Charger on both land and water I’d advise on the 12m as it’s a bit more stable than the 10m looping machine.
      As for the windrange you specified, a 12m will fit the bill better than a 10m as 10knots isn’t enough for the 10m.
      Twinskins have a huge top end once used to them so with some practice 25kn on the water isn’t a problem.
      Bar pressure is more refined than on the Venom as is the depower reach.

      Hope this helped.

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